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Powder Coating


 Powder Coating


Powder coating is our core area of expertise and represents an effective and efficient process for finishing and protecting metallic surfaces. 


We already look back on 20 years of experience in this area and have been able to gain a deep expertise in all matters concerning powder coating and surface technology during this time. 


We attach great importance to high quality of the coating as well as customer-tailored work. In particular, we are proud of our short and flexible delivery times and high level of service and expert advice. 


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Metal Sheet Processing


Metal Sheet Forming


WK Sheet Metal Technology operates as a subcontractor in the metal industry, where our speciality is the processing of metal sheets.


Experienced staff work sheet metal parts using modern CNC-controlled sheet metal processing machines. On schedule and according to the wishes of our clients, for whom we produce both large scale as well as individual production orders. 


Our customers come from diverse industries such as metal and steel construction, plumbing, windows and facades, sunshade construction and many more. 


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IQC Certification


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